Google AdWords Introduces New Video Format to Reach More People

Google AdWords has introduced a new video format which is said to extend the reach of video campaigns beyond YouTube.

Google Ads Tutorials: Setting up the New Customer Acquisition Goal in Google Ads

The new customer acquisition goal helps enable you to efficiently acquire new customers through your Google Ads campaign based on your marketing objectives. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up the NCA in campaign construction and into existing campaigns. For more information about the New customer acquisition goal you can visit the Help Center.

0:00 Introduction to the New Customer Acquisition Goal
1:53 Chapter 1: How to set up the New Customer Acquisition Goal in campaign construction
2:21 Set up the New Customer Value Mode in campaign construction
4:05 Set up the New Customer Only Mode in campaign construction
4:51 Chapter 2: How to set up the New Customer Acquisition Goal to existing campaigns
5:00 Set up the New Customer *Value Mode* to existing campaigns
6:48 Set up the New Customer *Only Mode* to existing campaigns

I used Google Ads to promote my Youtube channel. Here is what happened!

Will using Google Ads to promote your videos help you get views and subscribers? In this video, I will show you what happened after I used Google Ads to promote my channel.

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How to Create an Online Course Video &t=23s

My Youtube Equipment:
Camera –
Lavaliere microphone by PowerDewise –
Dead Cat microphone –
Sigma lens –
Lights –
Basic Tripod –
Gorilla tripod –
SD card –
Hard drive –

How I got monetized on Youtube…
My first Youtube Paycheck…
Passive income ideas…
How I to save money/Things I no longer buy:​
How I paid off credit card debt:…

New Feature Alert! Google Ads Introduces Conversion Goals

Watch this video to learn about conversion goals – a new way to organize your conversion actions in Google Ads.

Managing your conversions can sometimes be tedious and confusing. You need to measure and understand your customers’ conversion actions, but it can be difficult especially if you can’t see everything in one place.

With Conversion Goals, you’ll be able to manage your conversions easier, unlock bidding improvements, and gain a better understanding of your customers. All of this can lead to better campaign results.

In this video, Kasim explains what conversion goals are, how to set them up, and how they can help you improve your marketing campaigns.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads for eCommerce:

Google Ads Support Links:

New ways to manage and optimize conversions:

About conversion goals:

Using conversion goals to guide new campaigns:

Conversion tracking on Google Ads:

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