Google Announces "More Results" Button for Mobile – A Win for Publishers

Google announced a change to mobile search results. May result in more traffic to websites.

Encouraging Quotes | Motivational Quotes for Life

Encouraging Quotes | Motivational Quotes for Life
We will share with you the great sayings of old and great people،
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Encouraging Quotes | Motivational Quotes for Life

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Ethereal Relaxation by Kevin MacLeod
Quotes have helped me find guidance, reflection, and inner peace in the most difficult times of my life. Quotes touch my heart and soul because whenever I have a weak moment
When it comes down to it, they encourage. I often send daily items to friends and family as a way of happiness and encouragement. I’m sure the little joys of kindness can go a long way. The message I want to convey is that life is a process. We are all on our individual journeys to find our place. Keeping quotes is a reminder to keep a treasure of simplicity every day.

Excerpts contain messages that enlighten our inner soul. I am very grateful to share the wise words of various enlightened people. I believe that we are all here on earth to accomplish the same goal and I feel the fragrance of references that I am helping others in need.

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Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook testify before Congress: Watch LIVE

Update: Hearing has been pushed back to 1pm ET.

Read the CEOs’ opening statements here:

Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook testify before Congress: Watch LIVE

What Google Generative AI in Search Results Means for Bloggers + Faceless YouTube Earnings

Curious how Google’s upcoming AI search engine may affect site owners?
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Today’s episode of Niche Pursuits News has you covered with an in-depth and wide-ranging discussion between hosts Spencer, Jared, and guest-host and MarketMuse founder Jeff Coyle about Google’s recent unveiling of Magi.

The guys consider how this new generative AI search feature will account for:
– Intent
– Links
– Biases
– Learning curve
– Authenticity
And more…

And, of course, they brainstorm how these changes may impact site owners and the display ad networks that so many rely on for income.

The discussion then goes to the increasing importance of brand and community building through various channels, such as email and social media marketing. And the benefits these technological evolutions bring for those willing to persevere.

And as a special bonus, listeners can sign up for MarketMuse – using promo code ‘niche20mm’ for a 20% discount!

Spencer also shares an exciting update about his faceless YouTube channel and how it’s now consistently earning over $100 per day – far exceeding his expected earnings of $80 in the entire month of May.

And Jared discusses how he recently launched a free tool during his latest interview on the Niche Pursuits podcast –, which has had some excellent results.

The discussion then gets into weird niche sites where Spencer shares a super niche site called Western Mining – History with a DR 59 and monetized with both Mediavine ads and a membership option.

Jared then shares his niche site find –, which focuses on pens and related products. The site has a basic design and appears to have quite an interesting history, but it started picking up traffic in 2018, with a surge in March and April 2023.

Overall it’s a fascinating discussion with lots of nuggets of wisdom forecasting the future of blogging and search in the age of AI.

This Episode is Sponsored by Search Intelligence –

00:00 – Intro
03:10 – Google’s IO Event
05:00 – New Search Features
10:30 – Information Sources
14:50 – User Experience
20:00 – Experience Paradox
26:05 – Featured Snippets
31:50 – Ads
36:10 – Future of Blogging
46:50 – Side Hustle Updates
55:30 – Weird Niche Sites

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Google Updates, Announced and Unannounced. What You Need to Know

It looks like 2022 will be much like 2021 – there will be many, many Google updates, and you need to be ready. This webinar will help you get your SEO strategy on track so that Google updates in 2022 and beyond are not a source of stress for you.

Marie Haynes will analyze the first three months of Google updates (both confirmed and unconfirmed), explain what the focus was, and share her techniques for preparation and recovery.

Then John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google), Barry Schwartz (SEO Janitor at Search Engine Roundtable), Maire Haynes (leading the world in E-A-T) and Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) will look at what the rest of the year ahead holds and explain how you should prepare so that Google updates, announced or not, are plain sailing for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask John, Marie, Barry and Jason your questions during the show, so we encourage you to have a think about what you REALLY want to know about Google updates and bring your most pressing questions along with you on the day.

This astonishing lineup of guests definitely makes this a webinar you don’t want to miss under circumstances, so please join us on April 14th for this unique, once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to get ahead of the Google Game.