Google’s John Mueller Reveals New Details About Mobile-First Index

Google’s John Mueller announced new information about the mobile-first index at SMX Munich, here’s what you need to know.

Google Algorithm Update, Mobile-First Indexing Notices, Bing AMP & More – We reported this morning that Google may be doing an algorithmic update, so check in on your rankings. Google said they launched close to 2,500 changes in search last year. Google sent out tons of mobile-first indexing enabled notices this week. But many sites are still not on mobile-first indexing and that is okay. Bing finally now shows AMP results in some of their search results. Google said they do index content in tabs for mobile indexing, even some say they don’t. Google said it is about intent when it comes to spamming Google with translated content. Bing has dropped their public submit URL to index tool. Can you hypnotize someone for links, is that against Google’s guidelines? Google is testing a blue badge icon for government sites? Google image search is testing image search refinement buttons with images. Google sitselinks carousels now also show images. Google is testing tabs for branded knowledge panels. Google Maps is showing future open dates for businesses. Google My Business reviews can be edited directly in the local panel. Google added videos to shopping ads. Google Maps is now supported on Apple CarPlay. I am offline Monday and Tuesday of this and next week, I do hope to have stories scheduled. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Mobile First Index News From Google

Key news from Google’s John Mueller on the mobile-first index rollout. Google plans to notify websites when they switch from desktop to mobile indexing. Flowchart at will help you prepare your site to be mobile-ready to be switched.

Google Begins Mobile-First Indexing: What Is It?

Google has started mobile-first indexing of web pages from 1 July 2019. What is mobile-first indexing and how does that change the way you access the web? We explain.

Mobile-First Indexing

Martin Splitt, Search Advocate at Google, goes over how mobile-first indexing works, challenges that can occur with mobile-first indexing on one’s website, and best practices to avoid these. Watch this lightning talk to better prepare for when Google switches to mobile-first indexing for all websites later next year!

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