The Rise of Visual Search: How Brands Can Adapt

With intelligent technology being being built into various platforms, visual search is changing the search landscape as we know it. Here's how to adapt.

Why China’s Shein is beating ASOS, H&M and Zara at fast fashion

Chinese e-commerce company Shein took the top spot as the most downloaded app in the United States in May, according to a report from intelligence firm Marketplace Pulse. The fashion giant outperformed TikTok and Instagram on the Apple App store and was far ahead of Amazon.

Since 2015, Shein has become a leader in its industry, initiating a new era of fashion experts call “real-time retail.”

“What Shein has done is, it has established a new norm, which is real time,” Allison Malmsten of Daxue Consulting told CNBC in an interview.

“It is very fast, and the products are updated much more frequently and at a higher volume than any other fast fashion brand.”

But its name has also been marred by trademark infringement allegations and questions about the sustainability of its manufacturing process — controversies some experts say could threaten the startup’s investment prospects.

“If it wants to IPO and if it wants to gather investments, then it really has to come clear and people really need to have peace of mind about what is happening at the company,” Malmsten said.

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How will Brands Adapt the Future of Social Media | What will Social Media look like in Future

How will Brands Adapt the Future of Social Media | What will Social Media look like in Future | Future with Social Media | Futureyan

About the Video:
0:00 What Social Media has in store for the future?
1:01 1. Less personal content, but more memes
1:23 2. Premium services and fewer ads
1:51 3. More privacy and security
2:34 4. More video
2:56 5. Mobile-focused experiences
3:53 7. More visuals
4:27 How will brands adapt the future of social media?
4:34 1. Knowing their audience
4:57 2. Influencer Marketing
5:35 3. Chatbots and AI

Social media is not going anywhere according to new surveys and reports which means the future is bright. Almost 42 percent of the world’s population have at least one social media account.

In the near future, there are going to be more platforms to connect people with the same are common interests whether they are neighbors, entrepreneurs, shoppers, parents, or teenagers. Adverse effects of social media have also been seen during the past years User breaches and data and cyberbullying are the latest examples despite all of this.

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Marissa Mayer – AI Insights and Walmart, Google & Yahoo

Marissa Mayer was the CEO of Yahoo and the 20th employee at Google, where she held key leadership roles in major Google products including Search, Maps, and Gmail. She’s currently the co-founder and CEO of Sunshine.

Marissa and Auren discuss the unexpected turn AI has taken towards creativity and expression, and its impact on coding and software engineering. They also explore how AI can improve software engineering and potentially affect the business models of tech giants like Google.

Marissa shares insights from her experiences at Google and Yahoo, focusing on bureaucracy and efficiency within tech companies, as well as the origin of Google’s famous APM program and her insights for developing talent. They also talk about Marissa’s startup Sunshine Contacts, building a personal relationship manager, and managing contacts in the age of AI.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Google’s Place in the AI Landscape
03:50 ChatGPT for Software Engineers
10:23 Yahoo & managing big companies
18:56 Effective CEO Transitions
23:30 Walmart & Disruption
26:50 Building the APM Program at Google
36:26 History of digital contacts
46:30 Dealing with Media Scrutiny
54:05 Maximizing productivity
59:48 Marissa’s take for common bad advice

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Do Brand Searches And Direct Traffic Influence SEO?

When it comes to brand searches and direct traffic, they can really help your business and your rankings in Google. Direct traffic is already seen as a ranking factor on some level and a strong brand also helps, but Google has not specifically said brand searches help. They have said direct traffic helps.

But what is the main difference between branded traffic and direct traffic? Not much… If someone searches for your brand in Chrome, im most cases the website auto populates and they end up going directly to the website! Thus, direct traffic. Also, if you have a strong brand, that means you get more links and higher click through rates in Google, because people want to link to you and click on your results. A strong brand helps SEO. A correlation between your brand and search terms also helps SEO, especially with instant answers and Rank Brain now in the mix.