Google iOS Update: Search the Web Without Leaving iMessage

Google’s Search app for iOS has been updated with three new features, one of which is an iMessage extension.

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Here is how to clear search history from iPhone or iPad (call history and website data)

How to clear search history from iPhone

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How do I search history from Google
How do you clear history on a phone
How do you delete browsing history on iPhone
How to delete internet browsing history on safari on iPhone and iPad
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how to clear history on iphone chrome
how to clear google history on ipad
how to clear cookies on iphone
how to clear history on ipad

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel and in this video today we will see how to clear search history from iPhone or iPad

If you want to clear the browser search history in iPhone then let us see how to do it.
To clear search history of safari, open “settings”.
Scroll down and go to “Safari”.
Scroll down and select “Clear History and website data”.
Select “clear history and data”.
If you want to clear the search history for chrome then:
Open Chrome.
Tap on the three dotted icons at the bottom.
Select “Settings”.
Select “Privacy”.
Select clear browsing data.
Now you have the option to clear browsing history, cookies, cached images and files and much more if you want.
Select Clear browsing data.
If you want to clear the search history for the Google search app then:
Open Google app.
Tap on the three dotted icons at the bottom.
Select “Settings”.
Select “Privacy and security”.
Select “history”.
Select “App history” to find out the searches you have made with google app.
You will see the searches that you have made.
Now to clear the searches select “Clear all”.
Select “Clear on-device history”.
The search will be deleted

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Google REALLY wants RCS on iPhone! #GetTheMessage

Yo Apple hook up RCS then we all win.

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