Google Shares Tips For Optimizing Job Postings

Google advises site owners to make better use of the description field in job postings to attract more qualified applicants.

What are Google’s Core Web Vitals in SEO | Tips to Optimize & Where to Find Them

This video covers the recent Google’s SEO Update May 2020. Google has recently named three user experience metrics to become new search ranking factors.
The metrics are designed to measure loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability, and are known jointly as Core Web Vitals.
This video shares what is core web vitals seo, how to measure them, and a few tips on how to fix core web vitals.

Tools that help you measure Core Web vitals,
1. PageSpeed Insights, (Recommended)
2. Chrome UX Report,
3. Search Console, (Recommended)
4. Chrome DevTools,
5. Lighthouse Report,
6. Web Vitals Extension,

Video Walkthrough,
0:15 What is Core Web Vitals
0:43 What is Largest Contentful Paint (or LCP)
0:54 What is First Input Delay (or FID)
1:04 What is Cumulative Layout Shift (or CLS)
1:18 How does Google calculates these metrics + Tips to improve each one of them
2:52 Where to find core web vitals
4:00 Extra/Other Web Vitals

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Optimise Google Ads in 2023

Optimising your Google Search Campaigns in 2023 is more than just checking your keywords and ad copy. For success with Google Ads you need to ALSO be optimising your Audiences, Demographics, Devices & locations.

In this video I show you how to review & optimise your Google Ads search campaigns so that you can see more sales & conversions for your business.

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�� Boost Sales With These Google Shopping Feed Optimization Tips

Are you looking to increase your sales on Google Shopping? In this video, John shares quick and easy feed optimization tips to help you reach your goals. From optimizing your product titles and descriptions to targeting the right search terms, he covers all the essential strategies you need to know.

Whether you’re new to Google Shopping or an experienced seller, these tips will help you get more out of your product listings. So if you want to boost your sales, make sure to watch this video all the way through.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Boost Sales With These Google Shopping Feed Optimization Tips
3:30 Optimizing your product title
11:38 How to optimize your product description
17:54 The third product attribute you should optimize for
20:37 Job opportunities in the best Google Ads agency on the planet
23:56 Google shopping short titles optimization

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